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The Bachelor

Is Catherine Giudici “Fed Up” With Sean Lowe? — Report

Sean Lowe’s tropical paradise proposal to Catherine Giudici on The Bachelor seemed like the start of their very own happily ever after, but a new report has surfaced alleging there is trouble in tropical paradise already!

According to Life & Style magazine, Sean and Catherine have been spotted fighting twice in two days! That is, of course, a big problem, because falling in love on reality TV obviously gives you the magical power of never fighting as a couple. That must be nice!

The first incident reportedly occurred after Sean’s first performance on Dancing With The Stars, when the couple went out to celebrate.

First, there was the “chill” at the DWTS after party, where, “They sat side by side at a table at the back of the restaurant with some friends, but they hardly talked,” said the magazine’s source. Catherine was on her phone while Sean drank beer and palled around with some Dallas buddies. “He was being very goofy, very frat boyish, and Catherine looked like she didn’t want to be there.”

Later that same night, they went to The Sayers Club in LA, where the couple fought some more, according to the source! “Sean was trying to talk to her, but she didn’t want to hear it,” said the source. “She was fed up with him and rolled her eyes. Then she started crying, wiping her eyes and looking away from him.”

We’re not really sure how this source knew exactly what was happening in Catherine’s head, but we’ll let it slide for now.

A lookey-loo then spotted Sean and Catherine arguing while they walked home two nights later. “They were having a disagreement about something,” said lookey-loo reported. “I heard Catherine say, ‘That is annoying, Sean. Why do you say that?’ Sean was trying to calm her down.”

We’re not sure who got it into their heads that a “honeymoon phase” means no fighting whatsoever! Adults argue, get over it. These two may be smitten, but they are also living under a microscope, which piles an incredible amount of stress onto the already-stressful process of planning a wedding! We’d be more worried if they weren’t arguing.

Source: Life & Style