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The Bachelor

Catherine Giudici: It Was Sean’s Idea to Live Apart Until Marriage

When Bachelor Sean Lowe got down on bended knee in Thailand on November 17, 2012, he asked Catherine Giudici to do more than take his hand in marriage — he asked her to join him in his faith-centered lifestyle. A major part of that? No sex ‘til marriage. In a new interview with Toronto’s KISS 92.5, Catherine candidly discusses religion, how they’re navigating intimacy pre-wedding, and when the royal Bachelor wedding might air.

Asked about the no-sex-til-marriage rumor, Catherine confirms, “That one is pretty accurate.” Sean and Catherine have both relocated to Los Angeles for Sean’s Dancing With The Stars tenure, but they’re living in different apartments. “It was his idea,” Catherine confirms about the separate living arrangements. “But I was obviously not opposed to it. He saw in me that I would honor a situation like he wanted and I have absolutely nothing wrong with that.”

The radio hosts then asked Catherine the most awkward question in the history of all questions. “So, do you ever spend the night? Cuddle at night?” Catherine confirmed what we’ve known all along: “It’s a normal relationship” (minus the sex). “Well yeah, we do cuddle, we cuddle on the couch, it’s pretty innocent and it’s nice. It just nice to have that kind of, ya know, relationship — not to muddle things with other things.”

But it sounds like Sean and Catherine aren’t too far off from culminating their love journey. While the wedding date isn’t yet set, Catherine did reiterate they’ll be televising the ceremony on ABC, adding, “We’re hoping to get married soon.”

Source: KISS 92.5 Toronto