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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013 Elimination: Why D.L. Hughley Might NOT Go Home First

It looks obvious, and maybe it will be obvious, but it's still possible that someone not named D.L. Hughley will be sent home on tonight's Dancing With the Stars Season 16 Results Show. We won't be shocked at all if he is the first boot — his scores aren't just the lowest, his total from the first two weeks put him 22 points behind leaderboard-topper Zendaya and eight points below the very next group above him. That's a big point spread, leaving him a very small percentage of the total number of points given. However, there are other things to consider, and here are a few reasons why he might NOT be leaving.

1. He's dancing with Cheryl Burke

Cheryl has never been eliminated first. Sure, there's a first for everything, and she has been lucky in some of her partners, but the two-time champ also danced with Tom DeLay and Wayne Newton and still wasn't eliminated first. Twitter is an easy way to rally fans to vote, and Cheryl has more than 329,000 Twitter followers — just slightly fewer than pro Derek Hough and a lot more than some of the new pros, whose celebs also got low scores this week. On that note...

Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC    

2. The new pros may be vulnerable

We really love the new pros, but maybe we should be worried for Lisa Vanderpump with her new pro, Gleb Savchenko, or Victor Ortiz and his new pro, Lindsay Arnold. They have total scores of 36 — just above D.L. & Cheryl — along with Wynonna Judd & Tony Dovolani, andDorothy Hamill & Tristan MacManus, who may also be in danger. Sadly, Tony and Tristan know what it’s like to leave first, since they were the first pro boots of Seasons 14 and 15, respectively. Or maybe we should look even higher to Andy Dick & Sharna Burgess, who got a score of 37 out of 60. That's not really different from 36, percentage-wise. Andy didn't come into the season with a huge fan base, and Sharna’s a new pro without a huge following yet. Sure, Andy has been a pleasant surprise for the past two weeks, but so many people have their set fan bases — based on pros they love, or just couples they’ve decided to support — and it may not be enough for Andy to charm people on Week 1, then be wild and crazy in his hilarious way on Week 2. Plus, he doesn’t look like he’s in danger, and that can be the worst position of all. On that note...

3. Everyone loves an underdog

Sometimes, when someone is so obviously in danger, people jump in to save them. D.L. was humiliated by the Week 1 scores, and he may gain some sympathy votes, especially after his low — too low? — Week 2 scores. He may be viewed as underscored, leading people to send him some vote love. Meanwhile, right above him on the leaderboard are those four couples with the same total score of 36, which is a lot better than D.L.'s 28, but if All-Stars taught us anything, it's to be wary of the people who aren't on the bottom. If you blur in the middle, you are in danger of being overlooked when it’s time to vote.

All that said, yeah, we’re guessing D.L. & Cheryl go home tonight. But if someone else leaves, it won’t be the first “shocking” elimination in DWTS history. Good luck to all!