Manteresting Is the New Pinterest For Guys
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Manteresting Is the New Pinterest For Guys

We were instantly captivated by Pinterest, the incredibly addicting site that allows all dreams to come true in images known as pins, and now we’re seeing a brand new crop of offshoots just for dudes. The most popular is an aptly named site called Manteresting.

Our beloved Pinterest fuels our insatiable need for mental escape from home and work. At first it started out as just a single board for wedding ideas, and now our board collection has grown to include every possible category of pins known to the site, separated into organized boards, each with a delightfully witty name.

Pin addicts like us pin inspirational images of misty woods to which we wish our office would book a retreat ASAP, recipes that look amazing but require ingredients that we’ve never even heard of (what the heck are cacao nibs, besides really fun to say?), way-out-of-our-price-range clothes, or just some good old-fashioned lolz from a teacup pig posing inside an actual teacup. Honestly, it’s genius!

One of the bigger offshoots of our lazy day addiction, Manteresting, takes all of that, mixes in a heavy dose of testosterone, splashes the backdrop with a very bro shade of gray, and voilà! The result is a site that invites visitors to ‘nail’ instead of ‘pin,’ ‘bump’ instead of ‘like,’ and features an astounding array of scantily clad women, recipes using bacon, and a handful of DIY projects that we never even knew were a thing. See: How to make a belt out of a tire.

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Other sites attempting to attract a similar audience are Dudepins, Punchpin (Warning: lots of boobs), Gentlemint, and Dartitup.

What do you think of the new manly spawn of Pinterest? Tell us your thoughts below!

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03.27.2013 / 03:25 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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