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New PSA Warns Young Girls About the Dangers of Sharing Revealing Pics (VIDEO)

The deepest messages are often the simplest, and the new PSA from Children of the Street is simple, yet striking in its lack of spoken word to deliver a very serious message to young girls.

The clip titled “I Shared a Photo” features a girl on her bed cycling through white boards telling a story word by word. In the clip, the girl says she shared a photo with someone whom she trusted, and before she knew it, thousands of people who don’t even know her have that image.

So many young children now have cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices that make sharing files a million times easier than the technology of just 10 years ago. Sexting has been a topic of conversation among parents for years, and now sending sexual images including the person’s face, a notable piercing or tattoo, or even just a faint birthmark is a new and far more horrifying reality.

The new PSA is hauntingly similar to one released last year by 15-year-old Amanda Todd from Vancouver. Amanda was cyber bullied by an unknown man she had flashed on request a year earlier on Skype. He found her on Facebook and threatened to release those images he had taken of her to everyone she knew and loved if she did not appease him with “a show.” She didn’t and he ruined her, causing her to spiral into depression and experiment with drugs and alcohol. Then, tragically, Amanda committed suicide.

Whether Children on the Street intended for this connection to be made or not doesn’t matter. What matters is that this serious topic is very real and certainly one deserving of discussion.

How do you feel about the new PSA?

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03.27.2013 / 01:53 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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