Nina Dobrev Wants Ian Somerhalder to Be Her Stylist
Credit: Juan Sciulli/Getty Images    
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The Vampire Diaries

Nina Dobrev Wants Ian Somerhalder to Be Her Stylist

Ah, we knew those Ian Somerhalder-Nina Dobrev breakup rumors were silly! The Vampire Diaries couple is as cute as ever!

In case you missed the hilarious video of Ian dressing up Paul Wesley’s (Stefan Salvatore) cardboard cutout, you can view it below. He bedecked his co-star in some snazzy ‘70s wear, including a ‘fro, bell bottoms, and purple hat. Needless to say, the 2-D version of Mr. Wesley looked fabulous.

Nina Dobrev watched the video last night and while she didn’t think Ian quite captured Paul’s style, she still loved the overall effect. “Haha Just seeing this! Over Paul's dead body would he wear that... But I like where you're going , will you be my stylist Ian? ;),” she tweeted. Then she realized that her own stylist, Ilaria Urbinati, might not appreciate that too much.

“Babe, I simply can't compete with Ilaria...;) ‘@ninadobrev: @ilariaurbinati will be upset though :S,’” he replied in a tweet. Aw, he called her “Babe”!

It’s too bad Ian couldn’t get his first client as a stylest. We could’ve really seen this as a viable career path for him. He just accessorized Paul so well!

Source: Nina Dobrev’s Twitter, Ian Somerhalder’s Twitter