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Revenge Season 2: Is Nolan Ross Related to The Falcon?

Have you heard the latest cyber news on Revenge? There’s a new hacker in the Hamptons named “The Falcon” and he or she is beating Nolan Ross at his own game. The Falcon works both for The Initiative and the Graysons, and is so talented at writing code and blocking other hackers that Nolan can’t penetrate any database.

Could it be that this cyber nerd is extra crafty because he or she is actually related to Nolan? We know little about Mr. Ross’s family, with the exception of his aunt, Carole Miller. We met the former Grayson Global secretary in Season 1, after Emily Thorne tracked her down.

Carole had been playing dead ever since the downing of Flight 197 in order to stay out of The Initiative’s (and the Grayson’s) crosshairs. But what about Nolan’s parents?

Back in December 2012, actor Gabriel Mann leaked a spoiler about Nolan’s mother potentially being played by one of his favorite actresses. Since then, we’ve heard nothing about the Nolcorp CEO’s parents, but it would be a shocking twist if one of them turned out to be The Falcon.

One downside of this theory is the negative backlash the show received after introducing Emily Thorne’s mother, Kara Wallace Clarke (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh). Fans found this side plot to be dry and uninspiring. The same could be said for the possible introduction of Nolan’s mother.

Do you think The Falcon is related to Nolan Ross? Tell us your theories below!

03.27.2013 / 12:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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