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Jersey Shore

Snooki Leaves Fiancé Jionni and Son Lorenzo — See Their Adorable Goodbye! (PHOTO)

Brace yourself, Jersey Shore fans: Snooki left her fiancé, Jionni, and their son, Lorenzo, today, but before she could depart, she snapped a pic of their sad, yet adorable goodbye.

In the cutest picture ever taken, her little meatball pressed his face against the window and waved bye-bye with both hands as his daddy held him up. We can barely see Jionni, but he looks just as sad to see her go.

Snooks captioned this Instagram pic, “So hard for me to say bye to them. Hate traveling without my son and @jlavalle5! Be back very soon!! Love you.” Aww. We just can’t right now — it’s too cute to handle.

This isn’t the first time that the fam has been apart, but our girl works hard for her money, and she’ll be back in no time! Plus, she got to spend Lorenzo’s 7-month “birthday” with him today, so that’s all that matters.

Are you surprised that Snooki has to travel so much, or is it just part of the job of being a reality star? Sound off below.