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Jersey Shore

Snooki Pumps and Dumps Her Breast Milk After a Crazy Night Of Drinking! (VIDEO)

We’ve been so proud of Snooki for trading her beloved tequila shots for baby bottles after getting pregnant and becoming a mom to her adorable son, Lorenzo. She’s been working hard at keeping her drinking and partying as low-key as possible, and while she’ll occasionally have a glass of wine with friends or go out, she mostly spends her time as a busy working mom and devoted fiancée.

Speaking of which, we’ve got a funny new sneak peek from tonight’s episode of Snooki & JWOWW (via Celebuzz) to share. Remember last episode’s wild night out with Snooki and Jenni, where Snooki drank approximately “three bottles of vodka” and went buckwild on the dancefloor? How could you forget?

Luckily, Snooki is a very conscientious meatball mama, and made sure to test her breast milk with alcohol strips the next day. In this hilarious preview clip, Snooki does the “pump and dump,” thinking this milk will be “grossly contaminated,” since the last time she tested her milk, it came out fine since she’d only had two glasses of wine.

“It’s like a pregnancy test,” she said to Jionni, who sat on the couch with Lorenzo awaiting the results. “If it turns brown, it’s contaminated.” Sure enough, the strip quickly turned brown, causing Snooki and Jionni to deem it “toxic,” or as Snooki put it: “It’ll burn your skin.”

They even took a sniff at the “toxic” milk, much to their mutual disgust. “This stuff’s gotta have every different liquor in the world in it,” Jionni commented, and Snooki wondered if she’d get drunk from drinking it. Jionni guessed if he drank it he’d probably “black out.” Oh, these two. We’re proud of Snooki for being so careful, but we have to admit we’re nervous to watch Jionni’s reaction when he finds out she did a little more than drinking that fateful club night...

Are you excited for the upcoming episode? What do you think about Snooki’s recent “pump and dump?” Share below!

Snooki & JWOWW airs tonight, Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

Source: Celebuzz

03.27.2013 / 04:00 AM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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