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Which TV Star Was Hospitalized For a Torn Anus?

Talk about a pain in the butt.

WWE star X-Pac attempted his signature wrestling move at a match on March 23 and ended up getting hospitalized with a torn anus, according to TMZ.

The wrestler, whose real name is Sean Waltman, has been known for his Bronco Buster, in which he leaps over an opponent in order to straddle the person's face.

However, at a match in Minneapolis over the weekend, the move didn't quite go as planned, as his backside hit the ring turnbuckle.

X-Pac managed to finish the bout but later noticed a lot of blood coming from his backside once he got to his hotel. Never a good sign.

He then headed to the hospital and underwent surgery for the torn anus. Talk about the most embarrassing surgical procedure ever.

He was in a lot of pain initially, but he is said to be doing a lot better now and was released from the hospital on March 25.

And to make matters worse, X-Pac didn't even win the match. Talk about pouring salt on the wound.

Apparently, this is the second time he has suffered this injury, which means he might want to consider developing a new signature move.

Sean wrestled for the WWF and WCW throughout the '90s and is currently wrestling as part of the WWE Legends program.

We're wishing Sean a speedy recovery. We're behind him all the way.

Source: TMZ

03.27.2013 / 05:29 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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