Who Should Kill The Governor on The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale? (POLL)
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The Walking Dead

Who Should Kill The Governor on The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale? (POLL)

People will be dying all over the place on The Walking Dead Season 3 finale, which airs Sunday, March 31 on AMC. We've been told Episode 16, "Welcome to the Tombs" will have a "satisfying" ending with "a resolution to the storyline," and that has to include the death of The Governor, right? Maybe not, but let's say the one-eyed monster will be tamed. Who should do the deed? Everyone has a reason to want him dead. Here are some options to off the Gov. Make your choice below.

• Andrea is stuck in Woodbury, all tied up thanks to her ex-lover. She could use some redemption after her fell-for-the-BS season, and since Merle already died to get his redemption, maybe she should kill for hers?

• Maggie was degraded and almost raped by the guy. Glenn is also pissed because of that. Should one of them kill The Gov? If so, we’d pick Maggie, but she’s also the less bloodthirsty of the two.

• Daryl is angry because The Governor started this whole thing, and it led to the death of his brother, Merle. He wants to take The Gov’s head off. Should he get out his crossbow for the job?

• Rick is not the Ricktator anymore, but he’s still giving speeches so we have to consider him the group leader. Should the prison group leader defeat the Woodbury group leader?

• The Governor has tried to kill Michonne a couple of times, and she’s one of the only people to even bother trying to kill him back. She took out one of his eyes, should she be the one to do the rest too?

• Milton seems like a mild-mannered guy, but he could prove his worth by using his Woodbury connections to help kill The Gov.

• Or maybe Tyreese could find his way back into the good graces of Team Prison by realizing The Gov is evil and taking him down?

Vote for your choice to do the deed — or vote to keep the guy alive, if that’s your thing.

I bet he stays alive into Season 4

I bet someone does kill him on the finale

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