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American Idol

American Idol Amber Holcomb Bonds With Nicki Minaj Over Pink Lipstick

American Idol judge Nicki Minaj has competed Top 8 finalist Amber Holcomb to Whitney Houston, which has to be the most amazing comparison a young singer can get. In a press interview after the Top 10 performance show, Amber shared how Nicki’s comments made her feel, and which judge she finds the most intimidating!

You got compared to Whitney, talk about that.

That’s amazing! You know I always heard that I kind of sound like Whitney and I channel Whitney and she’s my idol but hearing Nicki say it, it was like it made it that much more real to me. You know because Nicki is like a big deal!

You got the second standing ovation of the night, how was that?

Oh my gosh we already had it in our head…. (Inaudible) Wait let me not say that, it feels good to get the second standing ovation. You know everybody wants to get one. When I go out on stage….but not only was this the second standing ovation tonight this is my third standing ovation so woooo!

Candice Glover received the other standing ovation, would you say she is your biggest competition?

Candice is amazing and I wouldn’t say she is my competition because we have such different styles. She’s more jazzy and more runs and I’m just more straight.

What did you get in the gift bag?

I didn’t really get a chance to look at it. But I saw my favorite candy, some gum and I got some….(inaudible)….

What is your strategy going forward in the competition?

Other than just being myself I’m going to pick my songs carefully, try to add a little bit of me to all of them not just sing them the way they were written.

Were you confident when you heard you were performing last tonight?

Confident? I was scared, I was so scared. I’m the most nervous person, I may not show it but I was sooooo nervous. Everyone was like last? That’s good! And I’m like you’re not last so don’t talk to me!

What did you think of Nicki’s late arrival?

I mean I don’t know everyone was looking for her because we all see them before we go on stage. Everyone was like where’s Nicki? I thought she was going to come in on like a platform with fog and have grand entrance.

Do you have a favorite moment so far from this experience?

I mean if somebody has an upbeat song or a dance-y song we’re always dancing because we’re so supportive of each other. We break out random dance parties.

You had the wind machine with you tonight, what was that like, how does that feel?

Actually because I get so worked up in the song I get hot so it felt good! And then I was watching the clips at the end and it’s so funny how they zoomed out on me.

Is there one performance that stood out for tonight, other than your own?

I liked everybody’s but Candace, oh my gosh. Once the drums started at the beginning it was so deep.

Is there a judge that intimidates you the most?

At first it was Nicki but now that’s she’s giving me this good feedback I’m good with her now.

Are you going to try the pink lipstick?

Yes, I almost bought her lipstick but I thought it was too bright but now she says it isn’t!

03.28.2013 / 04:37 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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