Dancing With the Stars 2013: D.L. and Cheryl on Their “Whitney and Bobby” Fight
Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC    
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: D.L. and Cheryl on Their “Whitney and Bobby” Fight

It wasn’t the most flattering reference to their relationship, but it was memorable. On Week 2 of Dancing With the Stars Season 16, D.L. Hughley and Cheryl Burke had a tense rehearsal session, during which D.L. told Cheryl he needed her to recognize that this [bleep] was hard for him. She didn’t appreciate being spoken to like that, and she walked out for a break.

In the Celebriquarium after the dance, comedian D.L. joked that he and Cheryl had been “doing our Whitney [Houston] and Bobby [Brown] imitation for a little while.”

D.L. told The Clicker his Whitney/Bobby quip was “spontaneous,” and Cheryl joked, "I’m ‘Bobby.’” She also said their tension was just a moment in a full week of rehearsals. We always get the most dramatic bits of every practice session, but it’s not a real reflection of how the couples are in general. "D.L. did an amazing job,” Cheryl said. “You can’t even compare his performance from last week. He put so much time into rehearsals and he worked so hard." D.L. added, "I feel exactly the same way. I know if I work hard, I’ll keep improving."

They got the lowest scores for two weeks in a row, but since they weren’t even in the bottom two of the first Results Show, it sounds like fans are rooting for this Whitney and Bobby to have a happy ending.

Source: The Clicker