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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Faye Resnick Is Done With RHoBH, It’s “Ruining Her Life”: Report

Is Faye Resnick saying goodbye to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills for good?

The show reportedly wants the feisty Faye to become a full-time cast member of the show, but she no longer wants to be involved, according to Radar Online.

In fact, Faye apparently feels that the negative backlash she has received from viewers of the show about her appearances is negatively impacting her life and her career.

“Faye was being courted to replace Adrienne Maloof next season," says an insider. "Lisa and Brandi need someone to fight and spar with now that Adrienne is gone."

"Producers are extremely disappointed Faye won’t be back next season because the drama is ratings gold — but, quite frankly, it just isn’t worth it for her to be on the show,” the source adds.

Faye was apparently taken aback at how angry some of the viewers have gotten over her presence on Real Housewives.

“Faye is a tough cookie, so for her to say that things have become so bad that she is finished with the show, is a big development,” the source says. “She’s a very successful interior designer and being on the show is just bad for business — not to mention the fact that Faye says it is ruining her life."

“After the episodes aired in which she got into an argument with Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump, Faye started getting all these hateful, nasty tweets — it was just absolutely shocking to her that people are so emotionally invested in the show, and are bold enough to say such ugly and mean things," the source continues.

So how do you feel about the news that Faye is supposedly saying goodbye to the show?

We must say that, despite what you may feel about Faye personally, there's no doubt that her pot-stirring in the past few episodes has made for some good TV. So the show won't be quite the same without her.

Source: Radar Online