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Glee Project Breakup: Charlie Lubeck on Aylin Bayramoglu Split — Exclusive

The truth is, we didn’t really even know these two were official until their relationship was already over.

On March 15, Glee Project 2 runner up Aylin Bayramoglu took to Twitter to announce that she and fellow contender Charlie Lubeck had ended their relationship. “I would like to sadly, regrettably and formally announce that Charlie and I are no longer together,” she tweeted. “I appreciate all your love and support!!”

Aylin and Charlie became close during their time on The Glee Project 2 last summer, and it became clear on Twitter that the two spent plenty of time together after the show. However, though they flirted a lot, it was never clear whether or not Charlie and Aylin were officially a couple.

Charlie has stayed mostly silent about the breakup on Twitter, but when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with him at a rehearsal for “The Concert Project” last week, the Glee Project alum opened up about the split.

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“Yeah, we had broken up,” he told us. But that doesn’t mean these two have stopped spending time together. Charlie says he and Aylin are “of course” still able to work together.

“Just because we're not in the same place that we were on the show anymore, doesn't mean we don't respect the hell out of each other,” he said. “We decided to break things off because of mutual differences. We were just at different points in our lives.”

Charlie might be sad about the breakup, but he’s not going to spend too much time dwelling on it. “I feel like it's important the fans know that we're fine. We're moving forward. Sometimes the hard thing to do and healthy thing to do can be the same,” he says.

Don’t cry for these two. He wouldn’t want that. “It's disappointing. But the sun rises the next day. Having that with that situation helps you breathe easier, and both of us breathe easier. I'm really happy where we're at. It's been hard certainly, but we have to keep moving. And I think we will keep moving.”

03.28.2013 / 12:07 AM EDT by Nicholas White
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