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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9, Episode 19 Spoilers: 9 Clues From the Sneak Peeks

Grey's Anatomy Season 9, Episode 19: "Can't Fight This Feeling"' (airing tonight, March 28) gives us some big big medical drama So, what's going to go down? As we impatiently wait for the episode to air, we've filled our time by constantly replaying the sneak peeks. Here's what we've learned about the episode.

A mother knows. In the sneak peek below, guest star Sarah Chalke refuses to back down when the docs try to tell her that her son is not as sick as she thinks he is.

Meredith to the rescue. In the same sneak peek, we see that Meredith eventually takes up Sarah's character's cause. We wonder if, given her pregnancy, Mer's particularly aware of the special understand parents have of their children.

It's a tough case. In the sneak peek below, we see that even with Mer giving it all she's got, this is a tough case to crack. But hey, at least we know it's not Lupus! (House fans will get that joke.)

Is it strep? In the first sneak peek above, we hear that Jo originally diagnosed Sarah's character's son with strep throat, and in the second one Mer apparently still thinks that's the case. Could the simple answer be right? (Spoilers can answer that if you want to know.)

Disaster! Meanwhile, many of the other docs will be busy dealing with a dangerous gas tanker explosion, as you can see in the sneak peek below.

Owen bonds with a kid. In the same sneak peek, we see that Owen takes a young child whose parents were hurt in the explosion under his wing. The kid really brings out the paternal side in Oweb. Will this prompt him to actually deal with the kids issue with Cristina?

Matthew was involved. It looks like April's paramedic boyfriend was hurt in the explosion, but don't worry: His injuries aren't too bad.

Awkward alert! On the other hand, he does have injuries. On his butt. Which Jackson ends up treating. And then April walks in on them. Because this is Grey's Anatomy, and that's the kind of thing that happens at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Who's the “douche”? In more kinda light-hearted news — though not that light-hearted, since it does involve a dead patient — Alex and Jo's boyfriend get into an argument about which one of them is a "douche."

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Catch the episode tonight, March 28, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.