Is Robert Pattinson Worried Kristen Stewart Will Cheat on Him Again?
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Is Robert Pattinson Worried Kristen Stewart Will Cheat on Him Again?

We love how much time Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are currently spending together but is it too much time?

Kristen and Rob have been by each other's side nonstop since he returned from Australia earlier this month, but Radar Online is reporting that he is still having trouble trusting her completely.

“Since Robert’s been back, they’ve been inseparable,” a source says. “Kristen wants to spend every minute with Robert, who has now managed to get over his reservations about living back in Los Angeles. She’s even talked about attempting to take summer off to spend every day with him."

“He was happy that Kristen made such an effort after he returned to the States; she rallied all their friends together for a big welcome back party and Robert was touched by the gesture," the source adds.

Is Robert Pattinson Worried Kristen Stewart Will Cheat on Him Again?
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Yet Rob reportedly still has lingering worries about Kristen's faithfulness.

“[He's] still very cautious when it comes to fully committing himself to her, and she’s being really clingy right now," says the insider. "He’s a little scared that Kristen could cheat on him again."

“So, just when it looks like all is going swell, his crippling doubts come into play and he questions if he’s doing the right thing," the source adds. “Robert proposed the idea that they don’t necessarily have to live in each other’s pockets, talking about how much he missed her while he was away and said that made him realize he does still want her in his life."

Even if Robert wants them to have a little space from each other on occasion, that doesn't mean he's not still head-over-heels for her.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder though, and he feels their relationship will be ultimately stronger if they’re not always together,” the source says.

Most recently, Rob and Kristen were spotted on a daytime golfing date together where they did a fair amount of kissing.

We can understand that Rob may need some time to adjust from being apart for so long to suddenly being around each other constantly.

Still, these two are pretty much the cutest couple ever, so we don't want them to give each other too much space!

Source: Radar Online