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Kim Kardashian Accused Of Faking Her Pregnancy!

Here’s one we haven’t heard before: that pregnant Kim Kardashian, whose belly we have been watching expand over the last three months, isn’t really pregnant!

According to the National Enquirer, Kim is “faking her pregnancy in a shocking ploy to net a multimillion-dollar payday and to repair her battered image.”

OK. We’re not sure what this recent damage to Kim’s image is that it that can only be repaired by a pregnancy, nor why anyone who wouldn’t want to fake something that makes magazines say she weighs 200 pounds on a weekly basis, but sure.

Let’s parse this craziness, shall we?

First of all, what is the tabloid using as proof? The fact that she doesn’t always look exactly the same. “Kim’s baby bump seems to change size and position — and sometimes even disappear — as the 32-year-old beauty travels around the country and the globe.”

Guess they’re not that into fashion? With all different silhouettes Kim is testing out while she’s expecting, of course her shape looks different sometimes. That’s the whole point, and non-pregnant people do it too.

Now, why would Kim do such a thing? According to the tabloid: For the money, to help wrap up her divorce from Kris Humphries, and because she found out her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush was having a baby with his new girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan.

But wait, it gets even better! The tabloid went on, “A source close to Kim believes the star might have hatched a sensational scheme with her money-hungry momager Kris Jenner to fake her pregnancy while secretly having a surrogate mom carry a baby for her and her lover Kanye West.”

You know what sounds a whole lot easier than this? Actually being pregnant.

Even if, if, Kim really wanted to fix all those issues via pregnancy, it would be a helluva lot simpler to just have a baby than to add a surrogacy cover-up into the mix.

If you need any more convincing, just remember Kim's Spanx slips. If she had a fake baby bump on at any point, you better believe some industrious paparazzo would have gotten the million dollar shot by now.

Source: National Enquirer via GossipCop

03.28.2013 / 10:35 PM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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