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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian Says She’s Only Gained 20 Pounds and Is Serious

Kim Kardashian's pregnancy has been hotly covered because Kim has made a nice life for herself within the tabloid culture of making sure she is worthy of being hotly covered. As such, her pregnancy has been a hotbed of commentary, speculation, and — in some unfortunate spots — ridicule. Which kind of sucks because it's like, "Back off," right?

Then again, Kim kind of asks for it when she says things like she's only gained 20 pounds during her pregnancy.

“I’ve gained 20 pounds, at this stage Kourtney had already gained like 30. I probably will gain all that weight they say you gain that at the end. I probably will gain that 65, just give me a couple more months. I want to have those cravings that everyone is saying, like cheeseburgers, I really haven’t had that. I just want to go home and sit in bed and pig out, and I really only crave healthy food.”

Beyond the total bus-throwing job Kim did on her sister, Kourtney, there's also the thing about only craving healthy food — which hasn't been true for anyone, anywhere ever.

Kim would probably be a more sympathetic figure to people if she just kept it real and didn't feel compelled to say things everyone can pretty much tell aren't true.

Source: Too Fab