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The Kardashians

Kourtney Kardashian Paternity Drama: Does This Look Like Mason’s Dad?

Could it be that Scott Disick is not really Mason’s father? Well, actor/model Michael Girgenti seems to think so. Michael tells InTouch Weekly that he and Mason’s mom, Kourtney Kardashian, had a short but steamy tryst back in March 2009 — which just so happens to be around nine months prior to Mason’s birth.

If you’re not sure who to believe — some dude who was in one photo shoot or Kourtney’s rep who says she’s never even been alone with the guy — we thought we’d help you make your decision with SCIENCE.

Okay, so it’s not science. Really, we just thought maybe pictures would help. Who looks more like Mason: Michael or Scott?

First, here’s a comparison of three-year-old Mason and his heretofore agreed-upon daddy, Lord Disick:


And now Mason and Michael:

Credit:; © 2012 Constellation Pictures    

In our opinions, if Mason looks like anybody... it’s his mama, Kourtney. That said, we aren’t really seeing the resemblance between Michael and Mason, to be honest. Mase’s nose is not nearly Roman enough, and his little pouty mouth reminds us more of Kourt and Scott than Michael.

What do you think — is there a resemblance between Michael and Mason that we’re just not seeing? It’s very possible we just don’t WANT to see it. After all, if what Michael says is true, it could break up a family.