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Planning a Staycation? Here’s How to Make It Memorable

If you’re anything like us, the idea of a full-blown family vacay before 2018 is enough to make your wallet spontaneously combust. Save yourself from flaming accessories by planning a budget and family-friendly staycation your family will not forget. Take some tips from SavvySugar on how to plan a staycation you won’t soon forget!

Plan ahead. Budget for your staycation like you would for any other trip. Make lists of all of the activities you want to do with your family during your stay and purchase tickets or make reservations so you know how much everything costs in advance.

Get your “have-to’s” out of the way. It’s tempting to spend your time off doing the chores you don’t get to during a regular week, but don’t! Staycations should be fun. Not chore-ing. (Sorry, we had to!)

Stay away from everyday habits. Keep your family away from everyday routine habits like watching too much TV or spending a million hours on the computer. Get into a vacation mindset by breaking those daily digital habits.

Take pictures. Bring your camera on your staycation, just like you would if you were out of town. The photos you take will be a wonderful reminder that you and your family can have fun just about anywhere!

Consider getting out of the house. If you were out of town, you’d stay at a hotel, so consider checking into one for a night or two in your own city. Bonus: Hotels usually have cheaper rooms during the week, so take advantage of weeknight rates.

For more staycation planning tips, head over to SavvySugar.

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03.28.2013 / 05:10 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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