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The Kardashians

Pregnant Kim Kardashian’s Boobs are Bedazzled! (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian, we’re afraid we spoke too soon about your pregnancy fashion. After seeing your smokin’ hot head-to-toe leather look on March 26, we were sure you had finally found your way out of your maternity style funk. But then less than 24 hours later, you re-emerge from your hotel with jewels all over your boobs. Le sigh.

Truth be told, her bejeweled dress is actually gorgeous, so we don’t think it’s a taste issue. It’s just that this embellished frock was clearly made for someone a little less blessed in the chesticle department.

That’s the problem with a lot of high fashion looks like the ones Kim covets — they’re just not built to flatter such dangerous curves! Although Kim has reportedly hired J Lo’s stylists to help her put figure-flattering looks together, she still seems to be struggling to match her aesthetic with her body type.

Say, isn’t Kanye a designer? (That’s a rhetorical question. We know he is. In fact, he designed the amazing outfit Kim wore the day before this!) Since Kim clearly has occasion to bend Kanye’s ear now and then, she should really consider asking him to design high-fashion looks that flatter petite ladies with hourglass figures.

He clearly loves her curves and fashion. Why not combine take your passions and make it happen, Yeezy?