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Jersey Shore

Sammi and Ronnie’s Top 5 Craziest and Most Shocking Fights on Jersey Shore

They’re currently doing great together and have settled into a happy life of coupledom, but things weren’t always this easy for one of our favorite Jersey Shore couples: Sammi Sweetheart and Ronnie Magro. Who could forget their big blowout fights back at the Shore House and in Miami that drove their roommates crazy? After betrayal in Miami, SamRon’s relationship began its spiral out of control, and their on-and-off fighting dragged on for the rest of show. They seemed to make amends in Season 6, though that didn’t stop them from one last tiff, but thankfully, it was a comparatively smaller fight.

What was the root of most of these fights? Jealousy and trust issues. Now Sam and Ron have developed a much healthier and happier relationship and have finally put faith in each other, but they took quite a bumpy and perilous road to get there.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit, in no particular order, the Top 5 craziest and most shocking SamRon fights ever on Jersey Shore.

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1. “Get out of my room!” Season 3 was perhaps the most difficult for the couple. Sammi was left confused and heartbroken after a season of lying and betrayal in Miami, unsure of whether or not to trust Ron again. When they arrived to the Shore House for the second time, SamRon created in-house tension from the get-go by choosing the big triple room upstairs, screwing up the previously arranged living situation for everyone (especially Mike!). Sammi was banished from her group of girlfriends, spending most of the time trailing after Ron and wondering how she’d get through this summer alone, while Ronnie felt suffocated by Sammi’s misery.

In hindsight, rooming together was definitely a bad idea, as it led to one of the biggest SamRon and roommate fights in the history of Jersey Shore. Vinny and Pauly snickered from downstairs as they heard SamRon arguing once again in their room, but their laughter was cut short when things started turning from bad to ugly. Ron and Sam got into it while Ronnie was opening the closet in front of Sammi’s bed, and before you knew it, they were calling each other names and getting territorial over whose room it was.

“I got the smush room tonight, just so everyone knows!” Ronnie declared to the house, as Sammi yelled at him for being such a jerk. Hilariously, Vinny and Pauly predicted they’d “bang by the end of the night.” But things unfortunately didn’t smooth over that quickly. Ronnie tossed Sammi’s clothes around, throwing her stuff out onto the porch as Sam said she wanted nothing to do with him. The roommates got upstairs in time to watch Ronnie destroying the room, moving Sammi’s bed while she clung to it “like a spider monkey” (according to Vinny). Even after being pulled apart and separated by doors, Sammi continued to scramble to scream in Ron’s face over and over for what felt like forever, and the next day, she moved out!

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2. “Are you friends with her: yes or no?” One of the most shocking fights between Sam and Ron occurred after JWOWW apologized to Ronnie and came to him with support, wanting to set aside their differences as he was clearly broken up from his latest back-and-forth with Sammi. We saw Ronnie in a very vulnerable state, so stressed about his situation with Sammi that he was crying on camera while JWOWW comforted him. Of course, Mike saw an opportunity to instigate yet another argument, and snuck upstairs to let Sammi know Ron was talking to her then-arch-nemesis Jenni.

When Sammi got word of this, she totally flipped, yelling at Ron from the upper deck and demanding to know whether or not he was now friends with Jenni. As Ronnie sat quietly at the picnic table downstairs and shrugged his shoulders, Sam continued to question him over and over while he told her to leave him alone, until finally he gave up and nodded “yes” — he was now friends again with Jenni. That Sammi her off. In one of the most upsetting moments on the show, Sam actually punched Ron in the face! Though Mike’s facial expression was funny, the punch was definitely not, and left Ronnie (and us!) upset all over again. Notably the other roommates went on with Ryder’s surprise birthday anyway, as they were clearly so used to the fighting that it no longer fazed them.


3. A surprising reunion breakup! Things were going so well for Ron and Sam after the end of Season 1 on Jersey Shore. They came together as a couple at the reunion special, but ended things shockingly right then and there when a never-before-seen bonus clip was revealed to the roommates (and us!) for the first time. The clip showed Sam having a suspicious conversation with The Situation, showing another side of her personality and her and Mike’s friendship that seemed to go on behind Ronnie’s back. Although Sammi claimed it happened early on and meant nothing, Ron was livid and took that opportunity to put Sammi on blast and rehash their Season 1 differences, including the time when Sam gave her number to a guy at the club.

Sammi couldn’t believe Ron would “ruin something so good over that,” but Ronnie seemed sure of his decision to end things, feeling as though he’d been played on national TV. Sammi confirmed they were done, and then went off to the bathroom to sob her eyes out in a heartbreaking scene. And their breakup was certainly official, as the two didn’t get back together until Miami... and round two opened up a whole other can of worms when Ronnie had his chance to play out Sammi on TV in a much bigger way. His Miami indiscretions haunted their relationship (and the whole house) for the most of the show.


4. The Italy showdown! Things were still rocky between Sam and Ron in Italy, though luckily they weren’t sharing a room this time around. Instead, Ron was bunking with troublemaker Mike, who was indirectly the catalyst for their next big blowout. Although this fight was more between Mike and Ron — landing The Sitch in the hospital, though through no fault of Ronnie’s as Mike smashed his head into the wall — it started and ended with Ron and Sam.

Ron had been calling a girl back home named Hannah, which didn’t help the tension between him and his ex, and things escalated after Ronnie’s drunk comment about “bringing five girls home” was relayed to the guidettes by Mike at an awkward dinner together.

Sammi brought up Mike’s instigating after yet another argument with Ron, who had been insisting they stay single. Ron flipped out and began screaming at Mike for interfering in his relationship, to which Mike insisted wasn’t true. As Sammi screamed at him, crying and pleading with him to stop, he pushed her out of the way and continued to go at Mike. Although JWOWW insisted Sammi leave Ron alone in his rage, she refused and went upstairs to talk to him, prompting Ronnie to start yelling at her to leave him alone. In turn, she yelled back, telling him she was sick of him for continually putting her in this position. Not only was the Sitch injured, it was one of their most depressing fights ever, involving several roommates and causing everyone to get upset.

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5. The infamous push. Though things didn’t get super bad until later seasons, Ron and Sam were not exempt from arguments and fights in the first season of Jersey Shore. Most of us remember Ronnie’s boardwalk fight with an instigating drunk guy, resulting in the iconic, “Come at me bro!” meme to be forever ingrained in our collective pop culturisms. Though it was shocking to see Ron tackle a dude in public, it was also a pretty bad moment for Sam and Ron. Sammi talked back to the instigating tourist couple, snarking at them and basically telling them to get lost, irritating Ronnie. He told her to stop, and when she didn’t listen, he shoved her! This surprised Sammi (and us), and though she attempted to break up the fight between him and the random boardwalk loser, he ended up storming off without her.

Back inside the house, Sammi felt he had traumatized her, and Ronnie felt terrible for putting his hands on Sammi. She told him to go away and leave her alone, but seeing her cry broke his heart, so he apologized profusely and admitted he had been in the wrong even though at the time he’d been pissed.

Though things got pretty bad sometimes, they weren’t always fighting! Sam and Ron shared dozens of cute and sweet moments together on Jersey Shore. When all the girls in the house came after Sammi at the beginning of Season 3, Ron stood up for his girlfriend and let her know he’d always be there for her. Sammi stuck by Ron’s side through a lot as well, even at his lowest points. Their relationship may have been tumultuous, but it had a happy ending, and we’re delighted that after everything they’ve been through, Sammi and Ronnie are still together and stronger than ever before.

What do you think were the most intense SamRon fights? Which ones did you find the most shocking? Tell us below!