Should Miley and Liam Get Married? An Expert Weighs In — Exclusive!
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Should Miley and Liam Get Married? An Expert Weighs In — Exclusive!

After nearly a month apart following rumors Liam Hemsworth cheated on fiancée Miley Cyrus, the couple appears to be back on. And according to sources close to Miley, they still plan to get married. But the question remains: Should they? After all, both are still young — he’s 23 and she’s only 20 — and even friends of the duo have reportedly admitted their relationship is anything but smooth sailing.

Wetpaint Entertainment turned to love and life expert Siggy Flicker, who shared her candid thoughts about what she thinks of Miley and Liam’s ups and downs… and what it might mean for their future.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Miley and Liam just spent a month apart. According to reports, they didn’t speak much during that time. Do you think that’s normal?

Siggy Flicker: I think that when there are issues in any relationship, taking a break is the best way to let things simmer down and really consider where the relationship is headed. Usually, during a break, one of two things happen: You either realize how stupid the fights have been or you realize that you both were just not meant to be together.

They got engaged when Miley was only 19. Even though she may have “grown up fast” because of her career, do you think she’s still too young for marriage?

No. I’d much prefer her as a role model than say Lindsay Lohan or Taylor Swift, who’s dated over 300 guys. Miley, for the past several years, has been in this one steady relationship. She’s legal. She’s not doing this at the age of 12.

Miley’s been radically changing her look lately shaving her head, dying her hair, partying, wearing revealing clothing. What does that say to you about her readiness to settle down?

It has nothing to do with her readiness to settle down. She’s allowed to experiment with her hair and her clothes. It’s called being young, carefree, and fun. I see nothing wrong in anything she is doing.

Do you think Liam cheated on her with January Jones, as has been reported?

My gut instinct here is he’s not a cheater. I think people are jumping the gun.

What advice would you give this couple right now?

Live your life to the fullest. Enjoy yourselves. Surround yourselves with good people and don’t let any outside toxic comments affect you. If your foundation is solid, nothing can crack it.