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Study Shows Greek Coffee May Help You Live Longer

Yes! Finally, we can justify our coffee habit!

After years of being told to cut the caffeine, heart health researchers are saying that a cup of Greek coffee everyday may help us live longer.

Dr. Gerasimos Siasos of the University of Athens Medical School studied the people of the Greek island of Ikaria, who have one of the highest longevity rates in the world, living to age 90 or older.

While the people of Ikaria have a very healthy lifestyle in general — their diet consists of plenty of greens, vegetables, legumes, and olive oil — the team chose to focus on their coffee consumption due to recent research that links drinking moderate amounts of coffee to somewhat lower rates of coronary heart disease.

The key, the research says, to their heart health is a certain type of java: “A boiled Greek type of coffee, which is rich in polyphenols and antioxidants and contains only a moderate amount of caffeine, seems to gather benefits compared to other coffee beverages.”

Two which we say, please, Starbucks, add this magic Greek coffee to your menu!

Dr. Siasos’s report, which is printed in Vascular Medicine, concluded that of the 142 elderly subjects studied, chronic coffee consumption helped improve endothelial function. It’s good news for coffee drinkers, especially those over the age of 61, and while this particular study cites Greek coffee as the potential life-lengthener, this isn’t the first time doctors have noted the positive effects of coffee on the system.

According to Steady Health, other research has shown that coffee consumption may contribute to lowering your risk of Parkinson’s disease, gallstones, and colon cancer.

Hey, we’ll take it, considering we’ve always felt so guilty about needing coffee first thing in the morning. Now we can tell everyone, we’re just looking out for our health!

Source: Steady Health, The New York Times, Vascular Medicine

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03.28.2013 / 05:04 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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