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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 18: Where Has Elijah Been?

Heads up! The Vampire Diaries spoilers for Season 4, Episode 18, “American Gothic.”

If you’ve been missing Elijah on The Vampire Diaries, that will soon be remedied on Season 4, Episode 18, “American Gothic,” when the Original and his flawless hair return. TV Fanatic interviewed Daniel Gillies about what the vampire has been up to all these months.

"I think he's been water-skiing," says Daniel. "He must enjoy base-jumping, right? In a full suit, of course…” OK, we’d actually just watch a spin-off where Elijah hosts an extreme sports show.

Luckily for fans of the OV, Daniel says his character won’t just be doing a quick pop-in to say hello. (Though Daniel did tweet a picture of himself saying “Tomorrow night we get filthy." What that means, we have no idea.) Elijah will also show up in Season 4, Episode 19, “Pictures of You.” Do you think he goes to prom?! Sure, it’s a little weird, but Damon is clearly attending, according to some new spoiler photos, and he’s definitely above the median age of a typical prom-goer.

Then Elijah will appear in the April 25 backdoor pilot for the spin-off The Originals. Fingers crossed that it gets picked up so we can see a lot more him — though, sadly, not in the shirtless sense. Daniel told TV Fanatic that he’s not quite ready to go bare-chested. “Give me three weeks to prepare, and I'll look like Ian Somerhalder by the end of it,” he promised.

You got yourself a deal, Mr. Gillies.

Source: TV Fanatic

03.28.2013 / 03:05 AM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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