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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Spin-Off: Daniel Gillies Wants the Originals To…

One thousand years is a long time, and the Originals lived through it all. Some of them were locked in coffins for portions of it, but still. The Vampire Diaries spin-off has lots of potential, which excites one family member.

Daniel Gillies (Elijah) tells Entertainment Tonight that he likes that he and his vampire siblings — Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) — can traipse through time like Carmen Sandiego.

The advantage the show carries is that, because Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah have been alive for a millennium, we can bounce all over time,” says Daniel.

And he has some ideas of eras when he’d love to see the Originals. “Because they're invulnerable, it makes everything kind of fun — if people are falling in the streets because of the Bubonic Plague, it's awful, but they're resilient. Or if you take them to the time when Jack the Ripper is threatening the streets, that could be kind of amazing,” Daniel explains. Yes, who wouldn’t want to stroll amongst oozing buboes without a care in the world?

But he hasn’t forgotten about the logistics of such far-flung adventures, noting that the two months of sea travel during Viking times might not be ideal.

For right now, though, the trio is starting off in New Orleans. Daniel promises, “It doesn't feel like another episode of The Vampire Diaries. You're taken to another world with another mythology, another web of trouble and danger.”

We can’t wait to see Elijah in beads.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

03.28.2013 / 10:56 PM EDT by Jenny McGrath
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