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The Voice

The Voice 2013 Versus American Idol 2013: Blake Shelton and Keith Urban Battle Round

When you put the American Idol 2013 judges and The Voice 2013 coaches head to head in the ring, who wins and who loses? Place your bets now on our first battle round between Blake Shelton and Keith Urban!

Veteran coach Blake Shelton on The Voice Season 3 is likely to be just as corny, hilarious, inappropriate and weirdly hot man-loving as he has been the previous two seasons. Every time Blake opens his mouth, you never know what sort of insanity is going to come out. Whatever it is, it is almost always wonderfully amusing.

No matter what kind of music a contestant is singing, Blake always seems to have a strong viewpoint and an insightful critique to share — when he isn’t joking around. Plus, Blake clearly knows how to pick out great singers since he’s already won The Voice twice, and he is quite happy to push any genre of singer, if he thinks they can win!

Over on American Idol 2013, Keith Urban is sweet, kind of quiet overall, and also corny, but not so much in the funny and LOL way Blake Shelton often is. Keith sometimes seems a little lost about what to say, especially when the singer doesn’t really fit in his country vibe. His critiques are often rather flat, boring, and rarely offer much strong advice for improvement.

Compared to the other American Idol judges, Keith fades into the background and never really has anything earth-shattering, controversial or, well, all that interesting to say. His taste in contestants seems to be relatively good, but he has obvious leanings toward the country contestants.

Winner: Blake Shelton, with a knockout punch. Keith just can’t measure up to Blake’s witty, pithy, and all around more interesting commentary. Plus, Blake’s unpredictability and willingness to say totally outrageous things makes him a far more fun guy to watch.

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03.28.2013 / 04:00 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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