The Voice 2013 Versus American Idol 2013: Randy Jackson and Usher Battle Round
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The Voice

The Voice 2013 Versus American Idol 2013: Randy Jackson and Usher Battle Round

This may be our toughest match in our American Idol 2013 judges versus The Voice 2013 coaches series! It’s dawg versus dawg with veteran judge Randy Jackson against new coach Usher and, honestly, this could be a barnburner.

Usher may be a new judge on The Voice Season 3, but he comes with a huge fan following and a reputation for knowing hot young musicians when he hears them. He is on the hunt for the next Justin Bieber and he isn’t going to take less than superstar potential when he picks out his team. Usher says he is all about scouting out the best talent and promoting the cream of the crop on The Voice.

While we wildly enjoyed Cee Lo Green and his crazy outfits and pets, Usher looks to bring a more mature, serious attitude to The Voice 2013 coaches. Usher may just evolve on the show to be a new ‘father figure’ of the group, balancing out Shakira’s crazy energy, Blake Shelton’s wacky personality, and Adam Levine’s nervous twitches. However, from the spoilers and clips we’ve seen so far, we’re not sure if Usher is bringing enough of his signature showmanship with him. Trying to be too serious could make him come across as stiff and unrelatable if he doesn’t work at making it fun for the audience too.

Randy Jackson on American Idol 2013 has been a judge since the show first launched for several good reasons. First, of course, is probably that it’s a huge gig for him and he’s not likely to ever turn it down when offered. Second, however, is the plain fact that Randy knows great music when he hears it. He recognized Kelly Clarkson’s potential from the beginning on the first season of Idol. Now Grammy and Oscar-winning star Jennifer Hudson was one of his favorite picks early on in her season. Every year on American Idol, Randy seems to peg who has the real talent in the competition, and who is only coasting along until they get shown the door after failing to live up to their supposed potential.

While Randy may be a bit repetitive with his commentary and somewhat stale with his ‘dawgs’ and ‘in it to win its’ every week, we can’t help but love him anyway. When Randy gives a critique, he doesn’t sugar coat it and he doesn’t try to make it sound better than it is. He certainly isn’t as harsh as former judge Simon Cowell, but Randy is not going to tell anyone they have talent if they don’t, or had a great performance when they didn’t. When it comes to serious, Randy is the meaning of the word when he dishes it out to the American Idol 2013 contestants. Even so, Randy knows how to appreciate a joke, make fun of himself, and let loose with a snarky quote now and then to make the audience laugh.

Winner: Split decision. While Randy may have seniority, Usher could beat him out if he can keep things fresh, fun and young while being just as serious about finding raw talent to mold into the next big thing.

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03.28.2013 / 11:30 PM EDT by Laura Vess
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