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The Bachelorette

What Is Holly Durst’s One Regret About Her Wedding to Blake Julian?

Holly Durst and Blake Julian have a fairytale romance for the ages. The two met on Bachelor Pad 2, won $150,000, announced their engagement at the finale, and married in a lush ceremony in June 2012. Mr. and Mrs. Julian are now living happily ever after in South Carolina, continuing to clean teeth and write kids’ books, respectively. There is just one thing Holly wishes she could’ve changed about her big day almost a year ago...

“I think the day was perfect, but it flew by — as every bride would say,” Holly tells The Plunge Project. “I think I would have had my wedding a little earlier so there was more time to celebrate afterward!”

Awwww. Holly did make the smart decision to immortalize their vows in a gorgeous wedding video, so they can relive the ceremony over and over again. “I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room, especially mine,” Holly says. “I’m thankful that I can look back on that day anytime I want.”

The wedding was attended by 115 guests, including Bachelor Nation friends Erica Rose, Ella Nolan, and West Lee.

Source: The Plunge Project