American Idol 2013 Power Rankings: Top 8 Season 12 Finalists!
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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Power Rankings: Top 8 Season 12 Finalists!

Although the talent for season 12 of American Idol has been top-notch, the results nights, with a few exceptions, have been fairly predictable. We saw the Curtis Finch, Jr. and Paul Jolley writing on the wall. We will say, however, that Amber Holcomb landing in the bottom three this week threw us for a loop. Other than that, however, the guys being voted out first has been predicted for a while now. Therefore, our power rankings haven’t changed all that much. Here they are as it stands for Top Eight week:

8. Devin Velez -- Devin stepped it up a bit this week by singing “The Long And Winding Road,” but we still don’t think he has enough widespread appeal to last much longer in the competition.

7. Lazaro Arbos -- Lazaro’s fans must have voted en masse this week, as no one can deny his performance this week was fairly horrendous. As Jimmy Iovine said, it was the bottom of the barrel. Paul had a fairly strong online following as well, but it didn’t help when his lackluster performances continued. Unless Lazaro picks it up this week, he’s in danger of going home.

6. Amber Holcomb -- Wow! Just wow! This girl is amazing, and America is just not getting it! This could go one of two ways -- everyone will realize they need to vote more for her and she’ll move up the ranks this week, or her weak following will get the best of her. Right now, we put her in the middle of the pack (despite her talent). Like Jimmy, we think she should be in the Top Three.

5. Burnell Taylor -- This guy has been the only one to truly represent for the guys, but we don’t know if has enough appeal to make the Top Three.

4. Janelle Arthur -- We saw her taking a bit of a slide there for a while, but she came back strong this week. She took a little known Beatles song, “I Will,” put her country stamp on it, and the result was magic.

3. Candice Glover -- Candice is undeniably amazing, but we still don’t know if she has enough of a following to make the finals. We can see her coming in at #3 but, even if this is true, she’ll have a long career in music.

2. Angie Miller -- This girl has been phenomenal since day one, and has yet to really falter. We agree with Jimmy, however, that she emotes just a wee bit too much on stage. If she can get the dramatics in check, she could win it all. For now, we see her coming in second.

1. Kree Harrison -- While the rest of the crew had an abysmal grasp on the Beatles music, Kree was like a seasoned vet (as per usual). Her vast musical knowledge and consistent performances could easily take her all the way. And, where Angie seemed to have peaked with her original during Hollywood Week, we think the best is yet to come for Kree.

Tell us what your power rankings would be!

03.29.2013 / 04:30 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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