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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Recap: Season 12 Top 8 Results Shocker? (VIDEOS)

Who got voted off American Idol tonight just might come as a shock to the viewers! We’ve been 100 percent accurate in our American Idol predictions so far this year, but this week was the first time we were really unsure about who would go home.

If you just go by the critiques from the American Idol judges the last few weeks, the choice of who should get the boot seems very obvious. When you add in emotional backstories to the mix, however, anything and everything might just happen in our American Idol 2013 recap tonight! Although we certainly think Lazaro Arbos is the worst singer in the Top 8, we think if viewers are betting he is going to be eliminated tonight, they may just be very surprised. Last week, Lazaro wasn't even in the bottom three despite giving a terrible performance. We find it hard to believe his rabid fans (including the Vote for the Worst ones) will abandon him quite yet.

By this time each year, viewers can usually tell which contestants are potential American Idol winners, and which finalists have absolutely no hope of making it to the finale. Even judge Nicki Minaj isn’t afraid to say it is pretty clear this season a girl is going to win it all. None of the guys this year seem to have that whole package ‘it’ factor going for them, and after last night’s American Idol performances — well, let’s just say the guys’ group number was the most embarrassing thing we’ve seen on Idol in years. We've personally made our prediction it will be Devin Velez who is thrown out by the voters (and won't be saved by the judges) this evening.

If a guy is the one who was voted off American Idol tonight, however, that would leave us with five girls and two boys. Now, I don’t buy into the conspiracy theories about how all reality TV shows are rigged, but we’re guessing it might be a bit weird if we ended up somehow with an all girls Top 5. So if a girl did somehow manage to shockingly end up on bottom this week, don’t color us surprised. If that were to happen, we’d bet on it being either Amber Holcomb or Angie Miller after her very weak performance last night. However, should either of them get voted off, the American Idol judges will probably throw them the save. Then, if we do end up with a situation where the last guy is hanging out there about to be eliminated in a couple of weeks, the judges won't be at fault for not saving him and causing an all girls Top 5 to happen.

Ready to find out if the American Idol 2013 results tonight will be predictable or shocking? Join us for our live American Idol recap starting right now!

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Kicking off the show tonight is yet another cheesy group performance of Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll” which basically announces next week's song theme.

To kill more time on the show tonight, we have a Ford Fiesta commercial in the form of a “fan mission” by the Top 8 finalists to teach kids how to sing a song. What are they supposed to sing? Well... “Home” by Phillip Phillips of course!

After that brief interlude, we take a very, very long trip down memory lane in review of the American Idol performances last night, including Lazaro’s “much better” performance, Kree Harrison trouncing Janelle Arthur in their duet, Angie getting it "wrong" for once, and the tortuous performance by the guys that resulted in Nicki Minaj throwing them off the stage...

Last night Smokey Robinson phoned up Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and told her to tune and watch Kree perform one of her songs. Aretha apparently did just that and called in to leave a message saying she “loved it” and Kree is “not going anywhere” this week on American Idol 2013. Kree has a look on her face like God just spoke to her personally.

Our first guest performance of the evening comes courtesy of former American Idol finalist Colton Dixon. He is currently out on tour with Third Day in support of his debut album, A Messenger. Colton is performing “Love Has Come For Me” and he says the best part of being back on American Idol is knowing he won’t be in the bottom three this week. We'll post the video shortly, but meanwhile enjoy Angie Miller performing Colton's "Never Gone" in the Girls' Semi-Finals.

Back from the break and we have another guest performance from former American Idol finalist and Smash star Katharine McPhee and One Republic with “If I Lose Myself.” We have to admit, despite its cheesiness and questionable plot twists, we’re kind of fond of Smash. Plus, it’s always nice to see an American Idol alum land a primo gig like a TV series — even one on the fast train to cancellation.

The last performance of the evening is American Idol judge Keith Urban with his new single “Long Hot Summer.” Keith gives a shout out about his upcoming “Light The Fuse” tour with Dustin Lynch. Tickets go on sale April 5th.

Finally it’s time for the American Idol results for tonight to begin!

In no particular order, the person who is safe is... Kree Harrison! The next person safe is... Candice Glover! Also safe and back next week is... Janelle Arthur! The next person breathing a sigh of relief is... Angie Miller! The next up to be declared safe is... Amber Holcomb! That means the three people in the bottom three are all guys — Burnell Taylor, Devin Velez and Lazaro Arbos.

Back from the last break and here are the final results.... Ryan Seacrest says Jimmy Iovine predicted Lazaro would be the one to go home. He then tells Burnell Taylor he is... safe! It’s down to Devin and Lazaro. After the nationwide vote, Ryan announces that...

Lazaro Arbos is safe!

That means Devin Velez has to sing for his life in hope the American Idol judges will save him. Sadly for Devin, we already know the judges aren’t going to save him. That would be a waste of their one chance to defy the voters and Devin just isn’t enough of a contender.

The judges confer a little, but the answer is obvious when Ryan asks if they will be saving him: No.

Devin Velez has been eliminated on American Idol 2013.

That's it for our live American Idol recap of the Top 7 results show tonight. Join us here again next week!

03.29.2013 / 06:29 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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