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The Walking Dead

Are The Walking Dead Co-Stars Laurie Holden and Norman Reedus Dating?

Andrea accidentally shot Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead Season 2, but it was not with cupid's arrow.

Actress Laurie Holden took some heat for her character's accident, just like she took more heat on Season 3 for falling for The Governor. Laurie and Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl, have posed for photos together, showing they are close in real life and there are no hard feelings about that shot. But some people may have read a bit too much into that.

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Laurie talked to On the Air With Ryan Seacrest in advance of Sunday's Season 3 finale, and she was asked if she's dating Norman.

"I think that Norman kind of fuels that fire because he loves to come up and kiss me on red carpets and then I get the backlash because all his teenage fans who love him come after me and they’re like, 'back off that’s my man!'" (We're not all teenagers!) She added, “No, we love each other. We are like the best of friends but I think he likes to stir the pot a bit."

Norman recently told Entertainment Weekly he was single, but he’s just a touchy-feely guy when it comes to his Walking Dead buddies. For example, here he is giving red carpet kisses to his real co-star crush, Andrew Lincoln. They have one of the greatest love stories of our time!

Source: On the Air With Ryan Seacrest

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