Has Snooki Changed Too Much For Jionni?
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Jersey Shore

Has Snooki Changed Too Much For Jionni?

On the most recent episode of Snooki & JWOWW, Snooki was shocked to hear about all of the crazy, wild things she’d done during her drunken girl’s night out with Jenni. Not only had she gotten schwasted, but she made out with JWOWW and Ryder, and she was scared to tell Jionni since she knew he would be upset.

JWOWW was quick to defend her BFF, telling Snooks she thought there was no shame in her going out and having a great time after 10 long months of abstaining from partying. While Snooki pointed out that Jionni did want her to have fun but just didn’t want her to go overboard, Jenni weighed in on their relationship, saying she knew that Snooki wasn’t completely being herself in order to please Jionni. She pointed out that Snooki wasn’t happy being “Suzy Homemaker” as it isn’t who she really is, and though she didn’t advise breaking up with her fiancé, she said that Snooki needed to let him know that she wasn’t going to change her whole personality just to make him happy.

It was a pretty vulnerable moment for Snooki, who agreed that although she wasn’t miserable being a stay-at-home mom, she found it really difficult always trying to be perfect for Jionni. When Snooki texted Jionni the truth about her drunken makeout sessions that night, he got pretty pissed and said some hurtful things, insisting she needed to change if she wanted to be a good mom and fiancée.

It was harsh, but we can also see where Jionni was coming from. Though Snooki is no longer the wild party girl she once was, it is scary to think that when she does go out, she may still get blackout drunk and do things she’ll regret. At the same time, we know how much Snooki has sacrificed to become a mother and a fiancé, and how insecure she can be about her relationship with Jionni.

It’s true that Snooki has changed a lot since becoming a mom and getting engaged, but we think a lot of those changes were good changes, and a part of her growing up! She’s now fit and healthy, taking great care of her body, and only drinking now and then without going overboard. She even admitted in a recent episode that it scared her a bit to get so drunk that night, as she likes remembering things now. And we honestly don’t think she should be so hard on herself or worried about displeasing Jionni, because we know that he loves her and only wants the best for her and their family.

To us, Snooki is still that same goofy, funny, and lovable girl we first met on Jersey Shore. She may have toned down the partying and become more responsible, but she and Jionni are both constantly fun and silly together on Snooki & JWOWW. Still, we hated to see them fight, bringing us back to that horrible almost-breakup in Italy.

Do you think Snooki has changed too much for Jionni, or has she found a happy medium? Tell us your opinion below!

03.29.2013 / 10:30 PM EDT by Julia Lynn Rubin
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