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Nashville’s Sam Palladio on Gunnar’s Upcoming Relationship Twist

Gunnar (Sam Palladio) and Scarlett (Clare Bowen) have been hooking up for a couple days on Nashville, but we still don’t know what’s going on with them. But in a recent interview with TV Fanatic, Sam spilled on the most exciting relationship he’ll have this season -- and it’s not with Scarlett!

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But before you worry that this is a Deacon-Stacey the vet thing, take a breath. Although Gunnar’s new friend is a guest star as well, it’s a guy who’s coming in to do some good in his life. As Gunnar continues down a dark path in the search for what happened to his brother, his music and life start to suffer. New neighbor Will (Chris Carmack) is the one responsible for keeping Gunnar from becoming the worst.

“Gunnar finds himself with a dude friend for a change and he really is the catalyst for kind of picking Gunnar up and then trying to shake him out of this guilt that he feels for losing his brother and the whole mess there,” Sam says of his upcoming bromance. “Chris, who plays Will, is fantastic and he’s a great actor/singer. So that’s really a cool character to take Gunnar to a new place and give him some confidence and try and get him back on track.”

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Hmm, well considering he’s a good singer, does that mean he’s going to take over as Gunnar’s favorite new duet partner? We’ve already seen Gunnar’s hot and cold act with Scarlett a couple times this season. Is there more heartache in store? “They’ve certainly taken to another stage of this relationship,” Sam spills. “It’s been a slow burn for such a long time, it’s not an easy start to this new sort of relationship but it certainly been developed from the friends that have a massive crush on each other and find each other inspiring and creative to a new place.”

So, should we be counting on a future between Scarlett and Gunnar? Not so fast. “It’s not an easy ride, it’s not going to be a clear they’re in love and they’re going to do their thing but it’s going to make some intense viewing. It’s not clear sailing yet but it’s certainly a developing story.”

We can stand to wait, so long as there’s no other girl in the picture for Gunnar...

Source: TV Fanatic

03.29.2013 / 06:31 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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