Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Are the “A” Team and “B” Team Working Together?
Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Are the “A” Team and “B” Team Working Together?

It’s getting hard to keep track of all the clandestine groups running around Rosewood. First, there was only “A” (those were the days). Now, we have the “A” Team (Mona, Toby, and Spencer captained by Red Coat) and the “B” Team (Melissa, Jenna, Shana, and possibly Wilden) to worry about!

Are the “A” Team and “B” Team working together? Parts that fit together into one giant secret-stalking machine? (Like how the Power Rangers would form into the Mega Power Ranger. Television precedent.) Here are three reasons we think these teams are not so different after all:

Same M.O.

People learn how to blackmail before they learn how to walk in Rosewood, but it still strikes us as coincidental that both members of the “A” Team and members of the “B” Team use blackmail as their primary modus operandi. Wilden, in particular, has been blackmailing since the beginning of the show. Now that we know he’s “B” Team, we’re wondering where he picked up the habit. He doesn’t have the finesse of an “A,” but it seems that he could be taking plays out of the same playbook.

Pretty Little Liars Speculation: Are the “A” Team and “B” Team Working Together?
Credit: ABC Family    

No “B” Team Leader

The other thing that stood out to us about the “B” Team is that there was no clear leader. In the scene in Jenna’s house, Melissa and Jenna were arguing in a way that didn’t seem like one of them had authority. And Shana regularly takes direction from someone in Pretty Dirty Secrets. Not that you can’t have a democratic stalking team, but it seems less likely given what we’ve seen from this show before. If none of the “B” Team members we’ve seen so far is in charge, then could they be taking their orders from “A”?

It does seem like we’ll find out more about this in Season 4. PLL executive producer Oliver Goldstick told TV Line that the Liars start questioning this alliance in the upcoming season, asking the same sorts of questions we are: “Is one of them actually giving orders to the others? What bonds them besides their antipathy toward Alison and the Liars?”


Rosewood looks like it has pretty high property values and everything, but many of the “A” and “B” team members are still in high school and plotting takes not only time, but money. Some of the “A” Team schemes in particular have been quite elaborate and would have required quite a bit of cash to pull off. It makes more sense that there is one person or group funding Rosewood’s clandestine crime ring. (Melissa “Moneybags” Hastings, anyone?)

Do you think the “A” Team and the “B” Team are working together? If not, are they enemies? Let us know in the comments below!

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