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Revenge Season 2, Episode 18, “Masquerade”: The Hamptonites Will Time Travel!

Flashback episodes are common on Revenge, but in Episode 18, “Masquerade,” which airs this Sunday, March 31, we’ll see our favorite Hamptonites flash-forward.

Show creator Mike Kelley shared with ET Online some of what we can expect in “Masquerade.”

“This episode takes place six weeks later,” he revealed. “We are fast-forwarding to Halloween as Nolan has spent the last six weeks desperately trying to find Padma. He has been holed up in his office, Howard Hughes-style, crazily trying to figure out how he can rescue her. “Masquerade” tells his story of how that plays out with Emily [Thorne]'s help.”

We’ve already seen a shocking sneak peek clip of Nolan at his most desperate, surrounded by papers, equations, and notes that might help him find his lost lady love, Padma.

But with the powerful hacker, The Falcon, working for both The Initiative and the Graysons, Nolan is no closer to helping, or even locating Padma.

In “Masquerade” Nolan will also be asked to help Jack Porter in his mission to destroy Conrad Grayson, whose November election will air before the end of Season 2. But will there be enough Nolan to go around? The tech genius seems to be spread pretty thin these days.

We hear the Season 2 finale will be Nolan-centric, but we hope he makes it that far! Do you think Nolan’s going to officially go off the deep end? Tell us below!

Source: ET Online

03.29.2013 / 03:32 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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