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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Originals Spin-Off: Klaus’s Redemption and Kung Fu

As any fan of The Vampire Diaries knows, the bad guys aren’t all bad and the good guys aren’t all good. Julie Plec tells Entertainment Weekly that the trend will continue in what she hopes will be many seasons of the show’s spin-off, The Originals.

TVD Season 4, Episode 19, “Pictures of You” sets up Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to return to New Orleans when he hears that witches are plotting against him. Ever the dutiful brother, Elijah goes along, too. That’s where the backdoor pilot — aka, The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 20 — begins.

Right now, it’s just the standalone episode, but if the show gets picked up — and then renewed for several seasons — viewers could see a whole new Klaus... eventually. “The Originals will ultimately be the redemption tale of Klaus,” says Julie, “and, possibly, the unraveling of Elijah, who is going to have to maybe get his hands dirty in an effort to keep his brother in check.”

One thing was certain to Julie: Klaus couldn’t keep hanging around Mystic Falls. “You don’t let the big bad live,” she explains. “The big bad’s gotta go, otherwise your heroes start to look foolish for being unable to destroy him.” The last thing we want is a supernatural world without Klaus!

Joseph Morgan agrees that Klaus can change his stripes, given the right circumstances. He tells EW, “I think he possibly is capable of redemption, if there was someone understanding enough to forgive him...”

As for Daniel Gillies, he’s eager to explore what the Originals do in their downtime, when they’re not killing people. “[Y]ou’ve got the abilities that you could learn within a thousand years: What instruments do they play? What degree have they earned in a certain type of kung fu? Which one of them ice sculpts? I’d love to see the extent of their knowledge and skill,” he says.

Yep, we’d watch several minutes of Elijah learning to flick a card into a hat, à la Groundhog Day.

Source: Entertainment Weekly