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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Baby Judith Will Be “More Important”

Little Ass-Kicker may finally start pulling her weight on The Walking Dead. Baby Judith was the death of her mother, Lori, but she's been a source of hope for Team Prison throughout TWD Season 3. However, the season finale is airing this Sunday, March 31 on AMC, and it will either be the end of our little angel or the start of her larger journey on Season 4.

"Clearly, from a safety perspective, it's a bad idea to have a baby in a prison, but from a humanity point of view, we have to find a way to let her exist," producer David Alpert told Business Insider earlier in March. "We have to protect her and everybody knows that. What defines our group is that they believe in the future and they have to. I think what we're going to see as we move forward, maybe this season, maybe not, but we're going to see that Judith's role and existence is going to be more and more important to their identity."

That makes it sound like Judith lives to see Season 4. Do you think that's true? We were worried she might be one of the shocking casualties on the finale. Outgoing showrunner Glen Mazzara previously said all of the writers were pushing him to kill the baby, but he didn't think the audience would put up with something that dark. But he's leaving, so maybe without him at the helm the writers will get their way.

What do you think will happen to Judith/Little A-K? We’re still holding out hope that she’s the one who kills The Governor...

Source: Business Insider

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