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This Dad’s Sandwich Bag Art Is a Thing of Beauty

Most kids go to school with lame brown paper bags or a store bought lunch box emblazoned with a theme they’ll despise in a year. Unless, of course, their dad is David Laferriere, who spends time each morning personalizing his kids’ plastic sandwich bags to make their day a little more colorful.

David says he began drawing on the sandwich bags of his sons — who are now 13 and 15 years old — back in 2008 when he wanted to do something fun and interesting with their lunches. He only had a black Sharpie kicking around at the time, but over the years, he has added a bunch of new colors and experimented with many new designs and techniques.

“The inspiration for the bags comes from whatever may be happening at the time,” David tells Wetpaint Moms. “It could be something we did as a family, a holiday, or a day like Groundhog's Day. The weather sneaks in from time to time. Occasionally I will look at the bread and get an idea; those bubbles in the bread can be like finding shapes in the clouds.”

David’s Flickr account is full of more than 1,000 images of his sandwich bag creations. The drawings can be as simple as a banana, as intricate as a maze, or as creative as an archaeologist digging for fossils.

We wondered if Dave’s teenage sons still get excited about his amazing artistic outlet, and thankfully, he said, “They like them, show their friends, and haven't asked me to stop.”

When kids no longer appreciate things like their dad’s thoughtful and fun sandwich bag art, it will mean the world is finally coming to an end!

Take a look at some of Dave's amazing work below:

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03.29.2013 / 04:01 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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