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The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Live Recap: “American Gothic” — Kat Power

It’s time for our The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 18, “American Gothic” live recap chat! We’ll have our full Vampire Diaries recap up after the show, but until then, you can follow along with our live chat, starting at 8 p.m. We (and our doppelgangers) are here ready to answer your questions, comments, and concerns, so keep refreshing frequently. Update: Read the full recap here!

Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) may have ditched Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) car, but they’ve still got their eyes on the prize: the cure. The only problem? It’s currently in Katherine’s (Nina Dobrev) possession.

The lady vamps find her in Pennsylvania, but she’s not ready to part with such a hot commodity. Maybe Elijah (Daniel Gillies) can be more persuasive. Elena runs into her old (and we mean ancient) friend in PA, as well.

Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon manage to use detective skills (you go, Sheriff Forbes!) to track Bex and Elena. We wonder how the Salvatores will feel about seeing Kat again? Needless to say, Elena isn’t happy either of them have followed her there — and not just because she has no emotions. She’s not in the mood to be fixed. And somewhere along the way, Stefan tells Damon something shocking about his plans for the future.

In Mystic Falls, Caroline (Candice Accola) has to decide whether or not to help out Klaus (Joseph Morgan). He’s still suffering from that wound Silas inflicted him with in the last episode, and he needs some nursing back to health.

Hopefully someone will check on Bonnie (Kat Graham). The witch just found out her ex-boyfriend is dead — for the second time. We mean, she found out for the second time, not that he’s dead for a second time. Although, that’s true, too.

Who’s ready to road trip to Pennsylvania?

8:00 — Who’s ready for shirtless Klaus?

8:01 — That’s not Damon’s car. Downgrade.

8:01 — That was lucky.

8:02 — Katherine is a clever girl.

8:04 — OK, Damon lost the list. Stefan allowed the Expression triangle to get completed. No more blame game.

8:05 — Klaus doesn’t sound so good. He looks great, though.

8:06 — Rebekah sticking up for Elena. Never thought we’d see the day.

8:10 — We’re still not over Jeremy, even if Elena is.

8:11 — Special snowflake? Someone’s been reading the forums.

8:12 — Has this Kat changed her stripes?

8:13 — Silas did his homework. Same ensemble.

8:14 — Oh, yes. Bloodlines.

8:15 — These are questions you should’ve asked earlier, Stefan.

8:16 — Rebekah is so mean. Love it.

8:17 — Elena doesn’t need the shoes. She just wants the shoes.

8:19 — Swoon.

8:24 — This is quite the love story.

8:25 — There’s nothing gross about being Elijah’s “friend.”

8:26 — Paging Dr. Fell.

8:28 — Elijah is so gallant.

8:30 — Katherine-ing. Lexied. Who else’s name can we make into a verb?

8:30 — All this time, Katherine’s been hiding her love of tea cozies.

8:31 — Damon would keep it in a soap dish.

8:35 — Slurp. Whoa.

8:38 — Good bedside manner, Caroline.

8:38 — Finally. Someone realizing Silas is a threat.

8:39 — “I know what it’s like to lose a brother.” Yep. Elena was responsible for one of those losses.

8:39 — “You boys are all the same.”

8:45 — Aw, Bex looks so happy.

8:46 — That didn’t last long.

8:46 — “Elena’s trying to destroy me.” Can Kat be on the Real Housewives?

8:51 — Kalijah? We could ship it.

8:52 — We’re a little verklempt.

8:54 — Only 20 lifetimes?

8:54 — Elijahhhhhh. Your words are so beautiful.

8:55 — “Complication speaking.” Elijah is just the best.

8:56 — Friends. Better than nothing.

8:56 — Do the Salvatores need a new thing?

8:57 — Haven’t we heard a similar speech before?

8:59 — Elena’s making her own rules.

9:00 — Two weeks until Prom-ises, Prom-ises.

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