Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers: Who Will Die Next?
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The Walking Dead

Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers: Who Will Die Next?


They don't call it The Walking DEAD for nothing. The showrunners have been pushing their No One Is Safe mantra on Season 3, backing it up by killing off Lori, T-Dog, Oscar, Axel, Merle, Ben, a bunch of prisoners we never really got to know, some random people at Woodbury, and a huge amount of walkers. We're not concerned so much about which walkers die, unless they were previously humans we’d already met.

We'd heard two major deaths would happen in the final two episodes, and we can definitely include Merle as a major death on Episode 15, and that leaves more to come on the March 31 Episode 16 finale, "Welcome to the Tombs." There will probably be many more minor deaths, or maybe the "major" deaths still won't be as "major" as, say, Lori. But we're nervous. We're even more nervous after Andrew Lincoln said something about 27 people dying on the finale. (!) Even if he was exaggering or referring to Woodbury people we don't know ... there will be blood.

Who will die?

Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers: Who Will Die Next?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

On the Woodbury side, we're worried about Milton — and not just because actor Dallas Roberts booked a new show. Milton just doesn’t seem to be safe in Woodbury. He calls it his home, but then he antagonizes the guy who calls himself The Governor. (Point of order: Shouldn't he just be The Mayor? It's beyond arrogant to upgrade yourself to state level when it's just one tiny town.)

It’s possible Andrea will die in Woodbury. The Governor has her tied up. But we suspect she’ll be saved and maybe whoever saves her will be toast. Can we hope that The Governor will die? The Powers That Be have said we’ll have a “resolution” and “satisfying end” to the season without too much of a cliffhanger. Will anyone feel satisfied, or that this war is “resolved,” without the death of The Gov?

And what about Tyreese's group? Allen seems to be storming the prison, in revenge for Ben, but Tyreese and Sasha know there are kids and a baby at the prison. They won't want a piece of that war, will they? The actress who plays Sasha, Sonequa Martin-Green, has a new role on Once Upon a Time, so she may not be around for Season 4. But Tyreese is a longterm player, right? He's Rick's right-hand man in the comics. Daryl has that role now (he's not in the comics) but will Tyreese rejoin Team Prison at some point, even if they eventually leave the prison?

Walking Dead Season 3 Spoilers: Who Will Die Next?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

One teaser out there said a death would be agonizing for Team Prison. It’s possible they meant Merle's death, which is certainly agonizing for Daryl. But maybe they meant a finale death, someone like Baby Judith/Little Ass-Kicker, or maybe Beth or Hershel, or either Glenn or Maggie so the other one has to deal with the aftermath on Season 4. There was a time when we thought the whole Greene family might be safe for this season — haven’t they dealt with enough from Hershel’s leg to Maggie in Woodbury, plus losing family at the end of last season? — but maybe not. No idea.

A week before the finale, Andrew Lincoln (Rick) told E! News of Episode 16, "That episode doesn't pull any punches. It's pretty much what everyone has grown accustomed to in our season finale. It's carnage, and there is death. Something happens that I find incredibly shocking that relates directly to my character and the prison family. It really came out of left field for me and I never expected it. When I read the script, I was really shocked." Does he mean the death of someone like baby Judtih? That would be incredibly shocking and directly related to Rick and Team Prison. Or ... do you think something happens to Rick? Will he be shot, or injured in another way?

Since we’re all just spitballing at this point, what do you predict for the big final deaths/events?

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No one is safe!

If Daryl dies, we riot...