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The Bachelor

What Will Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s Kids Look Like?

Just because we have way too much time on our hands without either Bachelor or Bachelorette currently airing, and because Kristen Bell just had her baby and now we have progeny on the brain, we decided to investigate what Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici’s kids will look like. Yeah, so The Bachelor Season 17 lovebirds haven’t even had sex yet, but we already know they want to have somewhere between three and a dozen kids. After their ABC wedding special airs this summer, we look forward to meeting a brood of little Lowes. Now, thanks to the terrifying depths of the internet, we can extrapolate what Sean and Catherine’s kids might look like!

Sean and Catherine are each blessed with photogenic, amiable, charming genes. Sean’s spawn will hopefully inherit his athletic abilities (dude went to Kansas State on a football scholarship) and his height. Catherine will undoubtedly pass down her blinding smile, great eyebrows, and adorable cackle. Thanks to Morph Thing (best product name of all time), we morphed photos of Sean and Catherine into hypothetical baby photos. Here’s what the internet spit out:

Credit: Morph Thing    

The baby boy, on the left, seems to have picked up a bit of Sean’s ginger coloring — as well as Catherine’s strong eyebrows. The baby girl on the right got Catherine’s nose and Sean’s softer brows, as well as Catherine’s coloring. What do you think? Will Catherine and Sean’s kids look anything like these photos? Do you think they should even have kids?

Source: Morph Thing