Cult Spoilers: Jessica Lucas Says Skye Can’t Trust Her Boyfriend
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The Vampire Diaries

Cult Spoilers: Jessica Lucas Says Skye Can’t Trust Her Boyfriend

The puzzle pieces of The CW’s new TV show Cult are starting to fall into place. As we learn more about Skye, we start to see why she’s got some trust issues. The show she’s working on has some very dangerous fans, after all!

When Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with Jessica Lucas last fall during a set visit, she explained why Skye finds herself turning to Jeff (Matt Davis)... even though she’s already seeing someone else.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Is Episode 6 the episode where you get to hear Skye’s backstory?
Jessica Lucas: Yeah. I think the first four or five episodes were really still on this drive to find Nate, and that's sort of where Jeff and Skye are. You find out bits and pieces about Skye throughout the episodes, little teases here and there, but this is the first episode that really, really fully addresses where she's coming from, yeah.

Do you feel like Jeff completely trusts her, or do you feel like there are some skeletons still?
I think we've crossed that bridge. There's a scene that happens in episode two where Skye sort of explains more of the reasons why she's there and why she's fully on Jeff's side, and I think from that moment on is sort of their bonding point and their fully trusting of each other from that point on.

Does she believe this from the very beginning, or is there a part of her that's skeptical about what's going on with the show in reality?
I think Skye has a lot more evidence than Jeff does. If anything, I would say Jeff is the skeptical one, and Skye, because she works on the show and has been researching this whole phenomenon actually a lot longer than Jeff, has a lot more information than him. So she's not very skeptical. She's sort of the driving force of this. Like, “Don't you see this?”

How much of your character has been searching for the truth, and how much of it has been her job at the show?
There's been a little bit of her job at the show. The main focus of our scenes is definitely finding Nate and finding out what happened to her father and finding out the truth behind who Steven Rae is and what Cult is, what the show is. There's been some small interactions between her and Marti — who is the actress that plays Kelly. They strike up a friendship at work, and she has a guy at work that she's dating. But Skye doesn't trust anybody. She doesn't know who she can trust either. Her main interactions are between Jeff and the people on her show, and she doesn't trust anyone at work.

Skye is seeing somebody?
Yes, Skye has someone at work that she is dating/getting information from.

I was going to say. So she doesn't really trust that person.
Yeah. It's been an interesting thing to play because it's trying to build this personal relationship with Skye who is a very personable person. So I think she wants to have these relationships with people, but she's in this horrible position of not being able to trust anybody.

Is she manipulating Marti as well then?
No. I think her and Marti have a bond because I know what it's like to be an actress, and there's not a lot of people that you can trust. And I think that she appreciates that Skye is very disconnected and doesn't seem to have the same sort of interest in her that other people do. And so she wants to be friends with her, and they seem to have some sort of kinship.

How worried should we be for Skye in the sense that people on the show may be starting to notice her digging in and maybe gets into danger or they start to manipulate the information she’s finding?
Yeah. Well, that's the question, but so far, she's been pretty good at hiding it, I would say. Skye's really smart and sneaky, and no one's really caught onto her yet. But I assume there’s potential for that to happen.

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