Devin Velez On His Elimination and Nicki Minaj’s Multiple Personalities — Interview
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American Idol

Devin Velez On His Elimination and Nicki Minaj’s Multiple Personalities — Interview

We had a chance to chat with Devin Velez on Friday to discuss his American Idol 2013 departure, and we’re surely going to be one of many media outlets to say that this is one stand-up guy. He had nothing but positive things to say in his press exit interview about his time on the long-running show and, despite admitting he had a feeling he was going, he’s not sad that it was his time to go.

As Devin pointed out, unlike many of the others, this was his first time auditioning, so he said he feels “so blessed” to have made it as far as he did. In fact, he said making it into the American Idol Season 12 Top 10 was the same as winning for him. We have to admit, if he had conveyed the amount of charisma he did on the phone on stage, he may not have gone this week. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

Instead of obsessing on his departure, Devin looks forward to what’s coming next, including going on tour with his fellow season 12 hopefuls. As he said, it will be an opportunity for them to sing together where they won’t have to worry about being voted out. When asked which singers he’ll keep in touch with, he said all of them (referring to Lazaro Arbos as “Laz”). In fact, just as Curtis Finch Jr. did in his exit interview, Devin called them his family, saying, “I’ve fallen in love with these people.”

A lot of time was spent talking about the now-notorious group performance, and whether that may have been Devin’s demise. While the Chicago native said, “What’s done is done,” he did imply that it may have played a factor, saying that performance was fresh in everyone’s minds when it came time to vote. He agreed with Nicki Minaj, however, that they should have been far beyond forgetting lyrics by this point in the competition and, even though it wasn’t him who forgot the lyrics (cough cough...Laz), they should have helped each other. In the end, he said, “We probably shouldn’t have done the song.” He also said he was “embarrassed,” and that they definitely should have discussed not having the lyrics nailed down pre-performance.

When it comes to regrets, the high school homecoming king (oh yes, we found that out!) said he has none. Even when he discussed his worst performance, “Temporary Home,” which landed him in the bottom two, he said he wouldn’t change a thing. While the song didn’t give him any “moments,” he said he’s always had a strong personal connection to it.

As for the notion that the a girl is definitely going to win this year, Devin said not to count anyone out, although he did say of the ladies, “They’re fighting strong.” Indeed!

The most shocking part of the whole experience, according to Devin, was the long hours they kept and the grueling schedules. He says he leaves with a newfound respect for all the people who work on shows like this, as “There’s a lot of effort that goes into it.” What WE found most shocking about HIM was how loose-lipped he was about Nicki. He even said she has “multiple personalities,” going on to say, “You never know what you’re gonna get,” and referred to her clothes and even whether she was going to be on time. In the end, he said, “She is who she is.” Wow!

The (artificially!) blonde singer leaves with a great attitude, that’s for sure, and said that Mariah Carey even told him that, if nothing comes of his career after the show, that he should give Mimi a call. Direct line to Mimi! Nice!

What did you think of Devin leaving the show?

03.30.2013 / 04:19 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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