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American Idol

Did American Idol’s Nicki Minaj and Devin Velez Have a War Of Words?

Today, we had the chance to talk to ousted contestant Devin Velez about his thoughts on leaving American Idol 2013, his plans for the future, and the upcoming tour. But it was his comments on controversial judge Nicki Minaj that had us flabbergasted.

“She has multiple personalities,” the soulful singer said. “You never know what you’re gonna get.” He gave examples of how she wore the same color of dress as Mariah Carey and how you never knew if she was going to be on time. “She is who she is,” is how ended the conversation on Her Minajesty. Gasp!

As if that wasn’t shocking enough, the American Idol judge took to her Nicki Minaj Twitter feed to make some thinly veiled references to Devin being disgruntled about not being saved. There were five tweets in total, here's one of our favs:

Another one called the judges saves "bullsh*t," and yet another read, “Send the judges some flowers and a card. If Curtis didn’t get SAVED, NONE of u get saved! Best male voice of the SEASON!!!!!!!!! #TruthTea.”

And then she seemed to be giving him some backhanded parting advice, tweeting, “Jennifer Hudson didn’t win!!!! Oscar winner!!! #memba? ok. Take that exposure and let your light shine.”

Them are fightin’ words. Care to pop some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the show with us? “Hashtag POW,” as Mariah would say! More like Hashtag DRAMA!

What do you think of this so-called feud?

Source: MJs Big Blog