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True Blood

Help Support Kevin Alejandro’s New Web Series, The Keepers!

Missing Jesus on True Blood? (Who isn’t?) Not only can you get your Kevin Alejandro fix with his new cop drama Golden Boy on CBS; but the guy behind our favorite brujo is producing, directing, and co-starring in the new webseries The Keepers.

It’s a passion project for Kevin and his childhood friend Stephen Monroe Taylor, an actor currently working opposite Charlie Sheen on FX’s Anger Management.

Kevin tells us that Stephen brought him the idea “to do a story about two unconventional special agents, played by Stephen and Adam Conger (CBS's NCIS), that team up with a rebellious superhero to battle the ever-increasing population of villains!”

And our man Kevin plays the rebellious superhero in question!

“Stephen and Adam are an amazing comedic duo,” he says. “And, teamed up with my offbeat dramatic flare, it is the perfect recipe for this action-packed dark comedy.”

But even the best superheroes need a little backup, and this is your chance to help Kevin, Stephen, and Adam soar to new heights! The fate of the project lies with a Kickstarter campaign.

The guys are hoping to raise $30,000 by April 14 and offering some awesome rewards as incentives. 49 backers have pledged money as of press time, but so far, no one has claimed the top prize: a lunch with Kevin and the guys.

Check out the official site or the Kickstarter page to donate to the cause, watch a trailer or view artwork for the project, find updates on the production, and even read about the proposed Keepers comic book!

With our powers combined, The Keepers has a shot at coming to a computer screen near you!

Source: The Keepers official site, Kickstarter

03.30.2013 / 01:43 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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