Justin Bieber Certain Selena Gomez Will Come Back, “Cocky” About It
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Justin Bieber Certain Selena Gomez Will Come Back, “Cocky” About It

Justin Bieber is convinced he'll be Selena Gomez's boyfriend again.

With the two having met up at her house this week, the Biebs apparently is telling friends that he can get Selena back whenever he wants, according to Hollywood Life.

“He’s really cocky,” a source says. “Maybe it’s just an act to look cool for his boys, but Justin has been saying that when he decides to get Selena back, he will."

"He’s trying to act like he’s the one breaking her heart, when it’s so the other way around," adds the insider.

Justin was spotted spending about an hour at Selena's home this week when he was back in town on a brief break from his tour.

Since they split, Justin has reportedly become a pretty big fan of himself. In fact, he's been making his team watch his Saturday Night Live epiosde from February on a loop on the tour bus. Live from New York, it's the same damn show you watched two hours ago.

“It’s so awkward," reveals the insider. "I mean Justin did a good job on the show, but no one wants to watch it again and again."

"Being stuck on the bus for hours on end is bad enough without having to watch Justin do his monologue again and again, but no one says anything," the source points out.

Apparently, it was Selena who used to tell Justin to cool it when he would get a bit too boastful.

“Selena used to tell him what was up and it must have helped keep him grounded, because since they broke up his ego is out of control,” the source says.

It had seemed like Selena and Justin were dunzo for good this time, especially with her telling Dave Letterman she'd made Justin cry.

Maybe those tears are (salty) water under a bridge?

Source: Hollywood Life