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The Voice

The Voice 2013: Season 2’s The Shields Brothers Weigh in on Season 4 Duos!

Though we’re only two episodes into Season 4 of The Voice, duos definitely seem to have more of a presence this spring than in the past. Just ask Season 2 Team Cee Lo rock duo The Shields Brothers Tristan and Rory Shields.

This hilarious sibling duo was eliminated during the battle rounds (a major upset to seasoned fans) against eccentric artist Erin Martin. Now they’re in L.A. preparing for their Kickstarter-funded album and working on a mysterious new project. Though they remained tight-lipped on the new show, the brothers were more than willing to give their insider opinions to Wetpaint Entertainment on this season of The Voice.

They were especially intrigued by the first audition of the season, The Morgan Twins.

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“The first thing I thought was, ‘Wow that’s hot,’ and the second thing I thought was, ‘Wow that’s kind of creepy,’ because their hair was exactly the same and they had the same outfit, really just buying in totally into the 'twins' thing,” Rory admitted. “But I think it’s going to help them for sure.”

“I think it definitely makes it very memorable,” Tristan continued. “It’s a good thing to have.”

But both boys admitted that the duo’s toughest challenge is yet to come. The battle rounds have notoriously eliminated duos.

“The battles are really hard for duos because you’re already singing a duet all the time anyway so then to add a third person, it gets weird,” Tristan said.

“It depends on how much the other person wants to work with you,” Rory continued. “If you want to do harmonies and this whole big thing, you can’t do that because it could make the other person look bad. You’re not going to get another situation like with Trevin [Hunte] and Amanda [Brown] where they fed into each other and made each other look better because a three-part harmony is a lot different than a two-person duet.”

Credit: Trae Patton/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

The battles might be the most challenging for new folk duo, Midas Whale, considering their sound is drastically different from any contestant on the show thus far. But the rejuvenation of folk music might also be an asset to group.

“It makes them current, it makes them have an edge, which to me is kind of bizarre that this big folk explosion has happened recently,” Rory said.

“Speaking of that, we’re coming out with a folk album!” Tristan joked.

The brothers also happily talked about their new favorite Season 4 coach, Shakira.

“Shakira just seems like she really cares a lot, to me,” Tristan said. “Our advice from Cee Lo was not very specific as to musical stuff, but Shakira seems like she’s very very focused and she knows what she wants to do musically what she wants to do with people.”

“Plus, I’ve always wanted to learn to belly dance,” Rory joked.

Do you agree with The Shield’s Brothers’ take on this season’s duos? Tell us below!