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What Does 2,000 Calories Look Like? (VIDEO)

Remember when Oprah wheeled out her little red wagon overflowing with a bag of fat representing the 67 pounds she had lost over the previous months? The gross globules were conveniently packaged in a clear trash bag for all the world to see. This new video by BuzzFeed of what 2,000 calories looks like won’t churn your stomach quite like that Oprah episode did, but it will definitely stir your brain.

The point of the video, of course, is to help the viewer visualize the amount of calories an average person takes in on an average day. BuzzFeed provides simple images of common healthy foods like eggs, almonds, and carrots, as well as some not-so-healthy foods like Cinnabons, Big Macs, and M&Ms. They then compare one group to the other so you can see that the 2,000 calories in just under three Cosi cobb salads is equal to 22 carrots, and so on.

The more informative, the better, and we extra happy that they kept the little red wagon at home.

Source: Oprah, Buzzfeed

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03.30.2013 / 09:30 PM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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